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Default Vodafone Ireland Passwords (HUAWEI HG658C)

Changing the default password on the router HUAWEI HG658C is pointless when:
1) There are undocumented accounts on the router.
2) You don’t have the password needed to log into the account to change the password!
Here is a table of the three usernames and passwords that allow logging into the web interface. The “vodafone” username is the basic account, “superuser” allows full access and “admin” is somewhere between the other two.

Username Password
vodafone vodafone
admin admin1234
superuser HG-658c_VF_ie*
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MS Windows and Office ISO download

MS Windows 7 Home Premium [x86] (English)


MS Windows 7 Home Premium [N] [x86] (English)


MS Windows 7 Home Premium [Including SP1] [x86] (English)


MS Windows 7 Home Premium [Including SP1] [x86] [Media Refresh] (English)


MS Windows 7 Home Premium [x64] (English)


MS Windows 7 Home Premium [N] [x64] (English)


MS Windows 7 Home Premium [Including SP1] [x64] (English)


MS Windows 7 Home Premium [Including SP1] [x64] [Media Refresh] (English)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x86] (English)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x86] (English)


MS Windows 7 Professional [Including SP1] [x86] (English)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [Including SP1] [x86] [Media Refresh] (English)


MS Windows 7 Professional [Including SP1] [x86] [Media Refresh] (English)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x64] (English)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x64] (English)


MS Windows 7 Professional [Including SP1] [x64] (English)


MS Windows 7 Professional [Including SP1] [x64] [Media Refresh] (English)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [Including SP1] [x64] [Media Refresh] (English)


MS Windows 7 Ultimate [Including SP1] [x86] (English)


MS Windows 7 Ultimate [Including SP1] [x86] [Media Refresh] (English)


MS Windows 7 Ultimate [Including SP1] [x64] (English)


MS Windows 7 Ultimate [Including SP1] [x64] [Media Refresh] (English)


MS Windows 7 Home Premium [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Spanish)


MS Windows 7 Home Premium [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Spanish)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Spanish)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Spanish)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Spanish)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Spanish)


MS Windows 7 Ultimate [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Spanish)


MS Windows 7 Ultimate [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Spanish)


MS Windows 7 Home Premium [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (French)


MS Windows 7 Home Premium [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (French)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (French)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (French)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (French)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (French)


MS Windows 7 Ultimate [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (French)


MS Windows 7 Ultimate [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (French)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Finnish)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Finnish)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Finnish)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Finnish)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Italian)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Italian)


MS Windows 7 Professional N [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Italian)


MS Windows 7 Professional N [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Italian)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Norwegian)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Norwegian)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Norwegian)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Norwegian)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Dutch)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Dutch)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Dutch)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Dutch)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Portuguese)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Portuguese)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Portuguese)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Portuguese)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Swedish)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Swedish)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Swedish)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Swedish)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (German)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (German)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (German)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (German)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Danish)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Danish)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Danish)


MS Windows 7 Professional [N] [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Danish)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Chinese)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Chinese)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x86] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Korean)


MS Windows 7 Professional [x64] [Including SP1] [Media Refresh] (Korean)


MS Windows Vista Ultimate [x86] [Includes SP1] (English)


MS Windows Vista Service Pack 2 [x86] (English)


MS Windows Vista Ultimate [x64] [Includes SP1] (English)


MS Windows Vista Service Pack 2 [x64] (English)


MS Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED (English)

This is a collection of screen saver, side bar apps, background images etc. dipping your desktop into deep red, like the red ribbon, indicating solidarity with victims of AIDS/HIV. When properly purchased, a percentage of the proceeds of Vista RED editions goes towards fighting AIDS in Africa. Please don’t just indicate your support. Do give! The HIV rate in Sub-Saharan Africa is at an alarming 5%, and even little donations can have great impact there.

MS Windows Vista System Requirements


MS Windows Server 2008 [Standard], [Enterprise] and [Datacenter] [x86] (English)


MS Windows Server 2008 [Standard], [Enterprise] and [Datacenter] [x64] (English)


MS Windows Server 2008 [Web] [x86] (English)


MS Windows Server 2008 [Web] [x64] (English)


MS Windows Server 2008 R2 [Standard], [Enterprise], [Datacenter] and [Web] [x64] (English)


MS Office 2007 Standard (English)


MS Office 2007 Home & Student (English)


MS Office 2007 Small Business (English)


MS Office 2007 Professional (English)


MS Office 2007 Ultimate (English)


MS Office 2007 Enterprise (English)


MS Office 2010 [Standard] [x86] (English)


MS Office 2010 [Standard] [x64] (English)


MS Office 2010 [Professional Plus] [x86] (English)


MS Office 2010 [Professional Plus] [x64] (English)


MS Office 2010 [Retail Product Key is Required] [Home and Student], [Home and Business] and [Professional] [x86] (English)


MS Office 2010 [Retail Product Key is Required] [Home and Student], [Home and Business] and [Professional] [x64] (English)


MS Office 2013 Professional Plus (Retail) [x86] (English)


MS Office 2013 Professional Plus (Retail) [x64] (English)


MS Office 2010 [Home and Student] [Home and Business] [Professional] (Brazilian Portuguese) (x86)


MS Accounting 2007 [Professional] (English)


MS Groove 2007 (English)


MS Publisher 2007 (English)


MS Publisher 2010 [x86] (English)


MS Publisher 2010 [x64] (English)


MS Access 2010 [x86] (English)


MS Access 2010 [x64] (English)


MS PowerPoint 2010 [x86] (English)


MS PowerPoint 2010 [x64] (English)


MS Outlook 2010 [x86] (English)


MS Outlook 2010 [x64] (English)


MS OneNote 2007 (English)


MS OneNote 2010 [x86] (English)


MS OneNote 2010 [x64] (English)


MS Word 2010 [x86] (English)


MS Word 2010 [x64] (English)


MS Excel 2010 [x86] (English)


MS Excel 2010 [x64] (English)


MS InfoPath 2010 [x86] (English)


MS InfoPath 2010 [x64] (English)


MS Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010 [x86] (English)


MS Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010 [x64] (English)


MS SharePoint Designer 2007 (English)


MS SharePoint Designer 2010 [x86] (English)


MS SharePoint Designer 2010 [x64] (English)


MS SharePoint Workspace 2010 [x86] (English)


MS SharePoint Workspace 2010 [x64] (English)


MS Lync Server 2010 (English)


MS Visio 2007 [Professional] (English)


MS Visio 2010 [Standard], [Professional] and [Premium] [x86] (English)


MS Visio 2010 [Standard], [Professional] and [Premium] [x64] (English)


MS Visio 2010 [Standard, Professional, Premium] (Brazilian Portuguese) (x86)


MS Visio 2010 [Standard, Professional, Premium] (Brazilian Portuguese) (x64)


MS Visio 2010 [Standard, Professional, Premium] (Dutch) (x86)


MS Visio 2010 [Standard, Professional, Premium] (Dutch) (x64)


MS Visio 2010 [Standard, Professional, Premium] (Italian) (x86)


MS Visio 2010 [Standard, Professional, Premium] (Italian) (x64)


MS Visio 2010 [Standard, Professional, Premium] (Spanish) (x86)


MS Visio 2010 [Standard, Professional, Premium] (Spanish) (x64)


MS Visio 2013 Professional [x86] (English)


MS Visio 2013 Professional [x64] (English)


MS Project 2007 [Standard] (English)


MS Project 2007 [Professional] (English)


MS Project 2010 [Professional] [x86] (English)


MS Project 2010 [Professional] [x64] (English)


MS Project 2010 [Professional] (Brazilian Portuguese) (x86)


MS Project 2010 [Professional] (Brazilian Portuguese) (x64)


MS Project 2010 [Professional] (Italian) (x86)


MS Project 2010 [Professional] (Italian) (x64)


MS Project 2010 [Professional] (Spanish) (x86)


MS Project 2010 [Professional] (Spanish) (x64)


MS Project 2013 Professional [x86] (English)


MS Project 2013 Professional [x64] (English)

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CodeCademy is a wonderful place for you to learn the first steps of programming. However, it is not the only one out there. Each individual who joins has their own profile. To motivate users to participate, the site offers feedback, badges for completing exercises, as well as a function that keeps track of a user’s total score and total day streak, and displays it to others. There are also CSS and HTML glossaries available within each tutorial. The site allows anyone to create and publish a new course using a Course Creator tool. As wonderful as CodeCademy may be, it does not help you get to the next level, and even if it did, you would never become a good programmer by just using it.

Over the last few years I realized what I believe to be an universal truth:

“One must never follow a single source”.

The path to knowledge is not a straight line, it is not a highway. It is a tricky road with many sideways. Some of them will lead you to new adventures where you can redefine yourself, while others will teach you life lessons. In the end, the best programmer, is always the most experienced one. Experience is won not just by practicing, but also by choosing and testing alternatives.

This guide is all about that – alternatives to CodeCademy. Because if you are ever to get serious in learning how to program, or just if you are curious, you have to remember that the more sources you have, the better the odds that you will improve.

Therefore, in this guide we will present you with a series of alternatives to CodeCademy and a list of free courses that you can (and should) do in order to learn more – and as Dr. Seuss said, learning can take you to new places, and we all like that right?

2. Alternatives

2.1 Schools, Universities and Companies

These are the best direct alternatives you have when looking for courses and lessons outside of CodeCademy. These website also provide great courses, with video lessons, quizzes, challenges, and some of them even give you valid certificates that you can use in your curriculum. The best ones come from Universities, but they are all good, in the end what really matter is what you learned. Keep in mind however, that even though no all the options listed bellow are free, they always offer some free content that you can still explore.

2.1.1 Free

  • udacity
  • Udacity is an online university, and they present themselves as the future of online education. Its courses are very long video lessons that including homeworks, quizzes and challenges. Everything is free, but it does take a lot of time. While it does have courses in many areas, for the purposes of web developing we recommend the Web Development and the Mobile Web Development courses.
  • edx program
  • The edx is a non-profit program created by Harvard and MIT.It aims at giving the users a chance to have real classes online through video, with homeworks, grades and even certificates. An excellent choice for anyone wanting to learn anything. Once again, edx has a large list of courses, from which we recommend the Software as a Service v1 course and its successor, the Software as a Service v2 course.
  • MIT
  • M.I.T. is a well known university across the world. Now they also have online courses in a lot of areas which you can take for free. Not all of them include video lessons, but you can still access all the PDFs, assignments and exams to get the skills you are looking for. We recommend the Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving course for beginners, the User Interface Design and Implementation for starting web designers and theDesign and Analysis of Algorithms for hardcore programmers. This resource offers everythign a university would normally offer, meaning that you also need to be carefully when choosing courses or otherwise you will end up learning a bunch of useless skills with no real importance in the real world.
  • coursera
  • Coursera is another organization that has teamed up with universities in order to provide online courses for free. Just like Udacity and edx, it has a big list of courses, from which we recommend Learn to Program: The Fundamentals for the absolute beginners, An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python and Programming Handheld Systems with Android. Coursera has many courses for advanced and specialized users as well in the areas of computer algorithmics, cryptography and artificial intelligence as well that you may find interesting.
  • khanacademy
  • Khan academy is learning platform, used in online teaching that has been deployed in several American school for experimentation, and was featured in a TED Talk. its courses are well thought and encourage people to master what they learn, however, it does not have much content in web development for now. We recommend the Computer Programming course for absolute beginners, but if you are reading this, odds are that you already know most of what they teach in that course.
  • Programmr
  • Programmr is a website where you can learn all sorts of programming languages, including HTML/CSS, JavaScript, C++, Flash, Android and even more. While it does not have lessons organized in videos and challenges like the rest of its competitors, Programmr does focus more on self-learning through making lots of exercises, accessing code examples and entering contests. Furthermore, while learning users get points, and in the end, the users in more points enter the wall of fame and are given Amazon prizes and vouches.
  • learnstreet
  • LearnStreet is an early-stage startup focused on changing the way people of all backgrounds and skill levels learn how to code, pretty much like CodeCademy in almost every sense. It offers free courses for JavaScript, Python and Ruby, as well as Projects for beginners, intermediate and advanced web developers, sorted by categories such as Tools, Games, Algorithms.
  • Coding for Good
  • Cooding for good offers you lessons in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, offers you an opportunity to submit your work to contests and in the end the winner gets hired. Unlike other companies, this one actually uses resources from Youtube, MDN and even asks users to make CodeCademy courses so they can learn by practicing. Even though it is not as developed nor as good as its competitors, it does give you a chance to get a job, so its worth mentioning.
  • Dash
  • Very similar to CodeCademy courses, but with a better interface, Dash offers basic lessons in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It gets you started with real life projects where you can learn and practice all the coding skills that you need to make websites and even animated robots. Theory lessons are given in a slideshow format and the exercises evaluate your competences by a set of skills that you can master. In addition to all this, you can also visualize how your page looks on both desktop and mobile devices at the same time!
  • Mozilla Webmaker
  • Learn by doing is the principal mojo of this platform. Here you will learn by doing projects that you can choose from a pool that contains hundreds of them. Each project has tags associated with it and you can also remix projects in order to create your own. It also offers a free domain name for your projects using Thimble, allows you to remix videos using Popcorn and lets you see how the web works using X-Ray googles – Create and remix the web with Webmaker tools. Here is a list of very simple starter projects you may enjoy.
  • P2PU
  • P2PU tries to emulate other MOOC websites, however it falls short. It does not have as much content as one would expect, and its list of courses falls short when compared to its competitor, but it does have some very interesting courses, such as the GameON! Video Game Design & Development – Level 1 for game fans, the Writing for the Web for beginners who wish to learn the basics of making a blog and the more advanced coursesProgramming with the Twitter API and Haml and Sass for those who want to get to the next level by using social websits or by learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

2.1.2 Non-free but with trials, limited access or a free plan

2.2 Forums, Search Engines and Communities

The second line of defense of any web developer. While the previous resources are excellent for any beginner, these resources are perfect for any intermediate/advanced user. Here is a compilation of tools that you can use to improve your knowledge. They will not give you badges nor certificates, but you can still use them to ask questions and get out of trouble.

  • reddit
  • Reddit is the internet’s gate to everything interesting, with information and contents about anything. Its community is organized in subreddits, groups of people that share a common interest. Of all the subreddits that exist, we strongly recommend the Web_Development and Web_Design subreddits.
  • University of Reddit
  • A sub-community of reddit for anyone looking to teach or learn. It offers courses that are free, varied, and easily accessible. Teachers are given complete freedom in planning their curricula and how they want to carry out their class. Students don’t have to worry about attendance, grades, or tuition – this isn’t a regular university. The content is given to the students via subreddits, YouTube videos, PDF documents and other materials. It is not as easy to follow as the other methods, but if you invest time it may be worth it. From the Computer Science category, we recommend enrolling in the Intro to Web Development with HTML/CSS and Web Programming with Ruby on Rails classes.
  • stackexchange
  • Stack Exchange is an aggregation of Question&Answer forums. Used by many professionals and beginners, Stack Exchange forums are widely known for their quality information. Of all the forums they have, we strongly recommend using StackOverflow and WebMasters.

2.3 Specific and Miscellaneous

The Internet is place filled with excellent resources about Web Development, here are some that we found. This resources are blogs, tutorial repositories and mini-lessons that you can check for additional information. Therefore, in the next sections we present you a list of websites that teach specific techonologies, and then we end up this section with a list of websites that work as search engines and repositories for web development information.

2.3.1 HTML, CSS and JavaScript

2.3.2 PHP, Ruby, Python, Git and other information

Instead of copying and pasting here another list, I decided that directing you to our guides was a better idea. The truth is that we have already done this reserach multiple times, now all you have to do is read our guides and learn from our work. We hope you enjoy:

2.3.3 Miscellaneous

  • tympanus
  • Tympanus is a repository for tutorials, articles and code samples about Web Design and Web Development. Its content is freely available to the public. While it does not have any video courses like some of its competitors, it has interesting bundles called Collectives that are packages of overall relevant information for any web developer. The downside is that these golden treasure chests is that they often have information without any co-relation, so it is all up to you.
  • pineapple
  • Pineapple is a massive community-driven resource aggregator for designers and developers that strives to make it extremely EASY to find what you’re looking for. When you come across a site you love, you can quickly favorite it, and have it show up on your profile for later, all neatly organized and broken down by topic with your other resources.
  • codeplayer
  • CodePlayer is a website that has live examples of HTML/CSS and JavaScript code. There you can find code spinets of clocks, calculators and even more. Furthermore, you can also subscribe with you e-mail account to get the news from the latest gadgets submitted.
  • Noupe
  • Noupe is contains several resources about web design, web development, Photoshop, word press, JavaScript, HTML5 and pretty much anything related with web development and design. The information is not organized by any specific category but you can always use their search functionality.
  • line25
  • Line 25 is contains several resources dedicated specially to web design, Word Press, and User Interface elements. A good starting point to give your website a good look.
  • Smashing Magazine
  • This website has many articles regarding the standard web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaSript), mobile design, user interface design, Photoshop tips, and word press articles as well. Overall it covers advanced aspects of all the previously mentioned categories and it sells books that compact and organize the information as well.
  • Web Appers
  • Mainly focused on JavaScript technologies (such as jQuery) and front end tutorials, this website contains many tips and tricks that will help you build the best looking and interactive interface you could possible hope for your user. It also contains Photoshop resources, such as articles, fonts and icons, allows you to subscribe for books and it has collections of other resources organized in various sections as well.
  • Web Designer Wall
  • Specifically focused on Web Design, this is a good place to find examples of beautiful and interactive websites, web design tips and tutorials, and Photoshop resources.
  • echoecho
  • A website contining a list of tutorials and resources for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, PHP and more. It has the content divided into three main categories (Page Building, Component Building and Server Programming) together with quizes and links to more resources and references.
  • Web Platform Docs
  • This a a Wiki focused on documenting several techonologies. Here you can find documentation about HTML CSS, JavaScript WebGL, SVG and even more. It is done by a community of dedicated people and it has many IRC channels where you can pop in to ask for help.

3. Conclusion

Here we explored and organized several resources that you may find useful. There is plenty of help for beginners and advanced web developers through tutorials and courses, however when it comes to intermediate developers such is not the case – they should rely more on forums and learn how to properly ask for help and how to explore resources (such as code snippets) in order to evolve. I also want you to know that reading our tutorials and guides may greatly help you, and you should totally check them all.

Now, at long last, in the end I want you to remember the following:

“(…) that knolege is power, that knolege is safety, and that knolege is happiness.”

Thomas Jefferson to Joseph Cabell, 22 January 1820 – “All the states but our own are sensible that knolege is power.”

One can never know too much – such is the motto of the employed web developer. At the time of writing of this article, the world had over 7 billion people, all of them eager to get a job and to succeed in life. The one thing that distinguishes you from them is not how much you know, but how you apply it.

4. Special Thanks

Source: https://ngeshdesign.wordpress.com/learn-programmingcoding/

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How to Fix 0xC0000005 Error

The 0xC0000005 Error

Every day many people see this message on their computer screens:

‘Error: access violation 0xC0000005

Did you encounter this error too? Read about possible solutions to 0xC0000005 errors on this website. If you don’t find a fix for your case here, leave us a message describing your 0xC0000005 error and we will add information on possible fixes and prevention for your particular case. Let’s free ourselves from 0xC0000005 errors together!

Some other possible reasons and remedies for Error 0xc000005

Solutions to 0xC0000005: Access Violation Error

When 0xC0000005 Error Occurs

0xc0000005 is a critical Access Violation error that requires your immediate reaction. As a rule, you get the 0xc0000005 error message when you try to start one of your software programs in Windows. After that the program terminates and you can’t get it work. Also, the 0xC0000005 error code may appear in other different error messages, depending on the software you are trying to start or install or the action you are trying to execute on your computer. The most typical causes for the ‘0xC0000005: Access Violation’ error are: corrupt registry, malware, faulty RAM or device driver, incorrectly written, installed or updated software or even Windows security features.

Below are some examples of 0xC0000005 error messages and possible solutions. However, if you are not a computer technician we strongly advice to contact an expert on this issue or use specialized software.

Variations of 0xC0000005 Error Messages:

  • “An application error has occurred and an application error log is being generated. Exception: access violation (0xC0000005), Address”
  • “The application failed to initialize properly (0xC0000005). Click OK to terminate the application”.
  • The “Stop 0x0000008E (0xC0000005 …) combination on the blue screen.

How to fix the 0xC0000005 error

0xc0000005 error case 1: Registry

The 0xC0000005 error is often caused by poor maintenance of your computer and corrupt registry entries that pile up as you install and delete programs, especially when you install new programs over old ones that were not completely deleted. To get rid of the 0xC0000005 error you could check all the registry entries manually but this procedure is long and complicated. If you are not a computer expert checking your registry manually may take a few days. In addition, you may damage important registry entries. So if you are not a PC guru use special software to repair your registry.

0xc0000005 error case 2: Virus

Your computer may have a virus and the 0xC0000005 error informs that the system prevented execution of a malicious application. Install the latest

0xc0000005 error case 3: Bad RAM Memory

Quite often this problem results from a faulty RAM memory. This is most likely the reason if you started getting the 0xC0000005 error message after installing a new RAM memory. To check this you can remove the new memory and see if the 0xC0000005 error disappears. If so, get a refund or ask to replace the faulty memory with a good one.

Don’t forget to do the following before you start removing the memory:

1) Turn off your computer and remove all cables (power, network, etc.) 2) Remove the battery (if you have a laptop) 3) Ground yourself out before you touch the memory!!(for example, touch metal screw on a light switch).

0xc0000005 error case 4: DEP

Quite often the nasty 0xC0000005 error occurs because of Data Execution Prevention (DEP) introduced by Microsoft in Windows SP2 and used in later versions. DEP is a set of security features that prevents code execution from non-executable memory segments. It’s a vivid illustration of a typical

0xc0000005 error case 5: Printer Drivers

Sometimes 0xC0000005 error occurs when your current printer profile is incompatible with the updated settings of one of the programs you are trying to use. You may reinstall the program, printer drivers or even the entire system over and over again and that won’t help. The reason is that every time you will install the same default user profile included in your printer installation package by the manufacturer. The simplest way to fix 0xC0000005 is to create a new, clean user profile for the printer.

0xc0000005 error case 6: Bad Video Driver

Sometimes 0xC0000005 errors occur after video card driver updates. If that is the case rollback to the drivers you’ve been using before the update. And inform the vendor about the issue.

0xc0000005 error case 7: IE6

The ‘Access Violation (0xC0000005 exception)’ message may appear in IE6 when a web page or a html document contain a SPAN tag which was not correctly closed. As to solutions, why use IE6 at all? Install a later version or use another browser like Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome.

0xc0000005 error case 8: Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome you may get the following message: ‘The application failed to initialize properly (0xC0000005).

0xc0000005 error case 9: Windows Service Pack

Install the latest Service Pack for Windows. Sometimes that removes the 0xC0000005 error.

0xc0000005 error case 10: Development Issue

If you are a software developer and you keep getting an exception with status code STATUSACCESSVIOLATION (0xC0000005), your program might attempt to violate DEP. You could try the following: If your application is designed to use executable memory, it must have this attribute set on the appropriate memory by specifying PAGEEXECUTE, PAGEEXECUTEREAD, PAGEEXECUTEREADWRITE or PAGEEXECUTEWRITECOPY in the memory protection argument of the Virtual memory allocation functions.

If the above solutions don’t help run your program in debugger. Maybe you haven’t initialized the pointer correctly. When debugger stops on a violation simply check the call stack and open every file until you see what piece of code produced the violation. And don’t forget to check for useful tools listed on this site.

0xc0000005 error case 11: Symantec Antivirus

The 0xC0000005 error may appear if you are using Symantec Antivirus. If the error message mentions SAVRT.SYS, that must the case. All you have to do is update Symantec Antivirus that removes the 0xC0000005 error.

We hope the information above helped you resolve the 0xC0000005 error.

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Use of Shutdown.exe Tool

Shutdown.exe uses the following syntax:

shutdown \\computername /l /a /r /t:xxmsg” /y /c

You can use the following switches with Shutdown.exe:

  • \\computername: Use this switch to specify the remote computer to shut down. If you omit this parameter, the local computer name is used.
  • /l (Note that this is a lowercase “L” character): Use this switch to shut down the local computer
  • /a: Use this switch to quit a shutdown operation. You can do this only during the time-out period. If you use this switch, all other parameters are ignored.
  • /r: Use this switch to restart the computer instead of fully shutting it down.
  • /t:xx: Use this switch to specify the time (in seconds) after which the computer is shut down. The default is 20 seconds.
  • msg“: Use this switch to specify a message during the shutdown process. The maximum number of characters that the message can contain is 127.
  • /y: Use this switch to force a “yes” answer to all queries from the computer.
  • /c: Use this switch quit all running programs. If you use this switch, Windows forces all programs that are running to quit. The option to save any data that may have changed is ignored. This can result in data loss in any programs for which data is not previously saved.


  • To shut down the local computer in two minutes and display a “The computer is shutting down” message, use the following line in a batch file or type it at a command prompt, and then press ENTER:
    shutdown /l /t:120 “The computer is shutting down” /y /c
    To cancel the shutdown process, type the following line at the command prompt, and then press ENTER:
    shutdown /l /a /y
  • To shut down and restart a remote computer named “Support,” use the following line in a batch file or type it at a command prompt, and then press ENTER:
    \\support /r
  • To schedule the local computer to shutdown and restart at 10:00 P.M., type the following line at a command prompt, and then press ENTER:
    at 22:00 shutdown /l /r /y /c
  • To schedule the local computer to shutdown and restart at 6:00 P.M. every weekday, type the following line at a command prompt, and then press ENTER:
    at 18:00 /every:M,T,W,Th,F shutdown /l /r /y /c
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How to disable data logging in Windows10

There’s been a lot of commotion over W10’s privacy terms. I’m sure these methods can change/improve at any time, but here’s a guide which should hopefully give you a relatively more private, safe experience, however at the risk of not being able to enjoy some of W10’s features.

Before/During Installation

  • Do not use Express Settings. Hit Customize, and make sure everything is turned off.
  • It’s strongly preferred that you use a local account with Windows 10.

After Installation

  • Head to Settings > Privacy, and disable everything, unless there are some things you really need.
  • While within the Privacy page, go to Feedback, select Never in the first box, and Basic in the second box.
  • Head to Settings > Update and Security > Advanced Options > Choose how updates are delivered, and turn the first switch off.
  • Disable Cortana by clicking the Search bar/icon.
  • (Optional) Disable web search in Search by going to Settings, and turning off Search online and include web results.
  • Change the name of your PC by going to Start (or hitting the Windows key), typing About PC, and clicking Rename PC.

Slightly Complex

  • Open up the Command Prompt by launching cmd as an administrator, and enter the following:

sc delete DiagTrack

sc delete dmwappushservice

echo “” > C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Diagnosis\ETLLogs\AutoLogger\AutoLogger-Diagtrack-Listener.etl

  • Open up the Group Policy Editor by launching msc as an administrator. Go through Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Data Collection and Preview Builds. Double click Telemetry, hit Disabled, then apply. NOTE: This only truly works in the Enterprise edition, but the final step provides a decent enough workaround for Pro users.
  • While still in the Group Policy Editor, go through Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > OneDrive, double click Prevent the usage of OneDrive for file storage, hit Enabled, then apply.
  • While still in the Group Policy Editor, go through Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender, double click Turn Off Windows Defender, hit Enabled, then apply.
  • Open up the Registry Editor by launching regedit as an administrator. Go through HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\DataCollection, select AllowTelemetry, change its value to 0, then apply.
  • First, download the Take Ownership tweak and enable it. Then, head to the Hosts File by going through C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc, take ownership of the hosts file, and add all of the IPs from this page into the file.

Up To You

  • Replace Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer with Firefox, Chromium, or any forks/variations of them.
  • Replace Windows Media Player with VLC or MPC-HC
  • Replace Groove Music with Foobar2000, Winamp, or MusicBee.

Replace Photos/Windows Photo Viewer with ImageGlass or IrfanView.

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How to partition an SD card/flash drive with DiskPart on Windows

If you’re like me then you write images to SD cards and flash drives on a regular basis to test out different Linux distros. Often times doing this however splits the space on a flash drive into multiple partitions and in order to utilize all of the space again in Windows you have to re-partition the drive. For the longest time I had always used Linux or gParted to accomplish this but then I discovered that there’s a command-line utility called DiskPart, which is included in Windows. So let’s see how we can partition an SD card/flash drive using DiskPart.

The first thing we need to do is open DiskPart. Press Windows Key + R and the Run dialog should popup. Type in diskpart and hit Enter.


Once DiskPart comes up, type list disk. This will show you all the disks that are attached to the system. You’ll want to note the number of the one that is your sd card/flash drive. You should be able to distinguish it based on it’s small size compared to your hard disks.


In this case mine is Disk 3, so next you need to select the disk by typing select disk 3 (obviously replace 3 with whatever your drive number is). After that you can type list part and it will show you what partitions are already on the disk.


Next to remove all the partitions from the disk just type clean. Afterwards type list part and the console should say that there are now no partitions on the disk.


Now that it’s cleaned off, we just need to make a new partition. Type create partition primary and this will create a new partition that fills the available space on the disk. You can type list part to confirm that the new partition has been created.


After that navigate to the drive in Windows Explorer and you should be able to format it now with all the space reclaimed.

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Remove and Re-add License Key for Office 2013 on Office 365

Having been on Microsoft Office 365 for a few months now, we started to notice that when users who had activated software on a PC were removed from Office 365, the software would go into “grace period” and would continually notify the new user of the PC that there was a problem. The trouble was I could not figure out how to reassign the software license to the new user. Finally I have found steps that will accomplish this without having to repair/reinstall office.


Open Command Prompt on PC

Open a Command Prompt window, and then take one of the following actions:

• If you installed the 64-bit version of Office 2013, move to the following folder: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15

• If you installed the 32-bit version of Office 2013, move to the following folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15


Display the Current License(s)

Type the following command to display the license status. Note the last five characters of any and all license keys that display in the output:

cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus


Remove the License(s)

Now run the following command as many times as needed to remove all of the license keys you noted from the previous step.

cscript ospp.vbs /unpkey:<7MFYY>


Restart the Computer

Once the remove commands are successfull, close the command prompt and restart the PC.


Reactivate MS Office 2013 with New Account

Launch one of the MS Office 2013 applications (I like to use Word). The application should prompt you to reactivate the by providing your sign-on ID. Enter in the new user’s credentials and the software will now be licensed under their ID.

Office 2013 Client Software License Management Tool


cscript ospp.vbs /Option:Value ComputerName User Password

     ComputerName: Name of remote computer. If a computer name is not passed local computer is used.

     User: Account with required privilege on remote computer.

     Password: Password for the account. If a User account and password are not passed current credentials are used.

     Value: Required for outlined options.

Global /Options



Activate installed Office 2013 product keys.


Install a product key (replaces existing key) with user-provided product key. Value parameter applies.


Uninstall an installed product key with user-provided partial product key (as displayed by the /dstatus option). Value parameter applies.


Install a license with user-provided path to the .xrm-ms license. Value parameter applies.


Display license information for installed product keys.


Display license information for installed licenses.


Display MAK/Retail activation failure history.


Display installation ID for offline activation.


Activate product with user-provided confirmation ID. Value parameter applies.


Reset the licensing status for all installed Office 2013 product keys.


Reset the licensing status for an Office 2013 license with user provided SKUID value (as displayed by the /dstatus opton). Value parameter applies.


Display the description for a user-provided error code. Value parameter applies.

KMS client /Options



Display KMS client activation history.


Display KMS client machine ID (CMID).


Set a KMS host name with user-provided host name. Value parameter applies.


Set a KMS port with user-provided port number. Value parameter applies.


Remove KMS host name (sets port to default).


Permit or deny KMS host caching. Value parameter applies (TRUE or FALSE).


Set volume activation type. Value parameter applies. (Windows 8 and above support only)

Values: 1 (for AD) or 2 (for KMS) or 3 (for Token) or 0 (for all).


Set the specific DNS domain in which all KMS SRV records can be found. This setting has no effect if the specific single KMS host is set via /sethst option. Value parameter applies. (Windows 8 and above support only)



Clear the specific DNS domain in which all KMS SRV records can be found. The specific KMS host will be used if set via /sethst option. Otherwise default KMS auto-discovery will be used. (Windows 8 and above support only)

Token /Options



Display installed token-based activation issuance licenses.


Uninstall an installed token-based activation issuance license with user-provided license id (as displayed by the /dtokils option). Value parameter applies.


Set token-based activation only flag. (Windows 7 support only)


Clear token-based activation only flag. (Windows 7 support only)


Display token-based activation certificates.


Token activate with a user-provided thumbprint (as displayed by the /dtokcerts option) and a user-provided PIN (optional). Value parameter applies.

Prior to running ospp.vbs ensure that:

Windows firewall allows WMI traffic on remote computer.

You have or pass credentials with required permissions on remote computer.

Cmd.exe is elevated (right click > Run as administrator).

Sample Usage

cscript ospp.vbs /act  ‘Activate Office 2013 on local computer.

cscript ospp.vbs /act mypc1  ‘Activate Office 2013 on remote computer mypc1 with current credentials.

cscript ospp.vbs /inpkey:MFKXT-F6DT2-THMRV-KDWH2-TCDTC  ‘Install Office 2013 product key on local computer.

cscript ospp.vbs /inslic:\\myserver\licenses\tail.xrm-ms ‘Install license on local computer.

cscript ospp.vbs /inslic:”\\myserver\work licenses\office2013 tail.xrm-ms” mypc1 ‘Install license on remote computer mypc1. Note the path is enclosed in “” since the value contains spaces.

cscript ospp.vbs /ddescr:0xC004F009 ‘Display the description for error code.

cscript ospp.vbs /actype:1 ‘Set volume activation type to Active Directory only.

/Token only

cscript ospp.vbs /rtokil:4476b20e ‘Uninstall an issuance license with license ID.

cscript ospp.vbs /tokact:96DE6755ABE0BC7D398E96C3AA3C7BFE8B565248 ‘Token activate with thumbprint.

cscript ospp.vbs /tokact:56AE6755AAB0BC7D398E96C3AA3C7BFE8B565256:54344 ‘Token activate with thumbprint & PIN.

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Disabling CLUTTER on Office365 – PowerShell

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> $LiveCred = Get-Credential

cmdlet Get-Credential at command pipeline position 1
Supply values for the following parameters:

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> $Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri http://ps.outlook. .com/powershell/ -Credential $LiveCred -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection
WARNING: Your connection has been redirected to the following URI:

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> set-executionpolicy remotesigned

Execution Policy Change
The execution policy helps protect you from scripts that you do not trust. Changing the execution policy might expose
you to the security risks described in the about_Execution_Policies help topic at
http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=135170. Do you want to change the execution policy?
[Y] Yes  [N] No  [S] Suspend  [?] Help (default is “Y”): y
PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Import-PSSession $session
WARNING: The names of some imported commands from the module ‘tmp_lflvsrxg.n4r’ include unapproved verbs that might
make them less discoverable. To find the commands with unapproved verbs, run the Import-Module command again with the
Verbose parameter. For a list of approved verbs, type Get-Verb.

ModuleType Version    Name                                ExportedCommands
———- ——-    —-                                —————-
Script     1.0        tmp_lflvsrxg.n4r                    {Add-AvailabilityAddressSpace, Add-DistributionGroupMember…
PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited | Set-Clutter -enable $false

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Why does my iOS device say I have more photos than I can find?

First, check the Recently Deleted album in Photos, which is a new feature after iOS 8.1. If it’s empty you may have run into a strange bug, where deleted photos don’t actually get removed. To check for this follow these rather strange instructions:

  • Go to Settings/General/Date & Time
  • Disable Set Automatically
  • Tap on the current date/time and roll it back about 2 years
  • Tap <General in the upper left
  • Launch the Photos app and go to the Recently Deleted album (even if it says there are 0 photos)
  • Is it full of photos? If so, delete them
  • Go back to Settings/General/Date & Time and turn Set Automatically back on

Thanks to @txforever for this solution

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